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Ava University
Naples, Florida

Ave Maria University is the first Catholic University built in North America in the past 40 years. The $500 million campus was constructed on agricultural land in southwest Florida. According to design principal Harry Warren the 20,000 student campus master plan was designed as the central feature in a new town complex designed to house 40,000 people at full development to reflect the “town and gown” organization.

The land the campus occupies was agricultural and at zero elevation above sea level, therefore the entire campus site was raised five feet using excavated earth from the intricate waterway system design within the campus and town plan. Large overhangs, and narrow footprints for access to natural light.  Materials include concrete tilt-up exterior wall stems, steel, concrete interior framing and natural copper roofing.

Architect: Cannon Design
Design Principal: Harry Warren
Size: 1 Mil SF
Construction Cost: $250 Mil (USD)
Completed: 2008

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Ava University

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